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As many of you know, Vengeance Racing was recently granted the opportunity to play a part in upgrading one of the most recent raffle giveaway cars for the group at Speed Society.  We were offered to fly out our shop owner, lead technician, and ECU calibrator to take part in what would become a monster 700+rwhp Stage 4 build that would eventually be given away to a new lucky owner as part of the prize drawing where he could pick between the car, or $50,000 in cash.  Of course as any enthusiast would, he picked the car!  With the success of the build, as well as Speed Society’s new “Beyond the Build” web series documenting the process from start to finish, we were quickly invited back to assist in building one of TWO cars that would be given away on the next drawing, in the all new “Battle of Boost:  US vs Euro” series.


Speed Society once again welcomed our team with open arms as we made our way back to sunny San Diego just before Thanksgiving to put together an extreme performance package on a recently purchased 6th gen Camaro ZL1.  The goal on this build was to take performance just one step further than the previous Z06 build, as well as offer a more unique underhood aesthetic flare to make the car perform equally well both on the track, and at the local car shows and cruise-ins.  Being that the previous car essentially maximized performance on the stock 1.7L LT4 supercharger, we knew that we had to add something special to the engine to help push the bar even higher on power.  This was done with the addition of Whipple’s all new Gen 4 2.9L supercharger, as well as Lingenfelter’s all new high-side fuel system and DSX Tuning’s low-side fuel pump kit so that we could run up to 15psi on boost on both 93 octane and E85 without the need for methanol injection! 


The rest of the build was centered around our Stage 4 performance package that offers a set of LME CNC ported LT4 cylinder heads, custom hydraulic camshaft kit with VVT-delete thanks to the LME front cover, and a full Kooks header and exhaust system for both flow and sound.  Boost was provided by the Whipple 3.5” upper pulley as well as the addition of an ATI harmonic balancer and DSX Tuning 9.06” lower pulley wrapped by a Gates Green HD supercharger belt to minimize slippage and belt failures.  To cool intake air temperatures at this boost level, Weapon-X Motorsports provided their “Triple X” heat exchanger upgrade kit that substantially lowered temperatures as well as offered quick recovery on the track.  Lastly, our custom billet valve covers were powdercoated in a red finish to match the supercharger and installed with our coil pack relocation kit to really dress up the engine bay.


Once all was said and done, this ZL1 through the 10-speed automatic transmission and on Speed Society’s Mustang dynamometer made a HUGE 744rwhp and 767rwtq on pump gas, and 850rwhp and 899rwtq on E85, again all with no methanol injection!  This is right at 1,000HP at the crank in a very well mannered street car that still retains all of its essential creature comforts, and capable of 9 second ET’s at the drag strip.  To help put all of this power to the ground, we also installed a set of Weld’s all new S79 wheels on the front and rear wrapped in Mickey Thompson drag radials, and added a set of BMR lowering springs to help close up the fender gap.


Speed Society ZL1 1000 HORSEPOWER!

  • Whipple 2.9L Supercharger Upgrade
  • Nick Williams 103mm Throttle Body
  • Late Model Engines CNC Ported LT4 Cylinder Heads
  • Late Model Engines VVT-Delete Billet Front Cover
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Spec Hydraulic Camshaft Kit
  • Kooks Longtube Header System, X-Pipe, and Full Exhaust
  • ATI Harmonic Balancer
  • DSX Tuning 9.06” Pulley
  • Gates HD Green Supercharger Belt
  • 180* Thermostat
  • DSX Tuning Low-Side Auxiliary Fuel System
  • Vengeance Racing Flex Fuel Sensor Kit
  • Lingenfelter “Big Bore” LT4 High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • Lingenfelter K-DI Fuel Injector Set
  • Weapon-X Motorsports Heat Exchanger Kit
  • Vengeance Racing Custom Valve Covers w/ Red Powdercoating
  • Vengeance Racing Coil Relocation Kit
  • BMR Suspension Lowering Springs
  • Weld Racing S79 Custom Wheels
  • Mickey Thompson Rear Drag Radials / Michelin Front Tires



As mentioned previously, this round of the giveaway features TWO vehicles, both this Zl1 and a heavily modified Mercedes C63 AMG that will make it even harder for the winner to choose between either car or the $50,000 in cash.  However, one listen to the sweet camshaft and exhaust note from this ZL1, or one touch of the gas, and it’s easy to decide on which is the better deal in the package, although we may be a little biased…  Stay tuned for the winner to be announced in the coming weeks, and in the meantime make sure to head over to Speed Society’s social media channels to watch us go through the build process on this car in the “Beyond the Build” web-series, and click over to www.speedsociety.com to register to win one of these amazing late model performance cars or $50,000 in cash!



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