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The team over at Speed Society are known across the world for their huge “Performance Car or $50,000 Cash” raffle giveaways, and after the completion of the Redline GTR project, they had decided to purchase a C7 Z06 Corvette for the next raffle. Given the car chosen for the build was a yellow Z06, it was a no-brainer that a “C7.R” inspired livery scheme would be the choice for a vehicle wrap, as well as a set of custom ADV.1 wheels to really set off the aesthetics on the car. However, the problem at hand for Speed Society was who to choose to install the performance package for the car, and the solution was Vengeance Racing. 

We were approached with the opportunity to fly out our owner Ron Mowen, lead technician Sean Parker, and tuner Mike Carnahan for one week to complete what would become one of the most powerful and insanely fast rides to come through the Speed Society doors.

We quickly gathered the parts together that we knew would not only make a huge power number, but be something that anyone that won the raffle would thoroughly enjoy. For this, we modified our typical Stage 4 performance package to come up with a unique combination of performance parts that once installed would offer not only peak performance, but reliability and drivability from this manual transmission equipped Z06.


With everything installed, the car laid down a strong 718rwhp on the Speed Society Mustang Dyno, and had a sound at idle that put a smile on everyone’s face in the building. There are countless LS/LT performance shops between the San Diego Speed Society HQ and our facility in Cumming, GA, and we were more than honored than to be granted the opportunity to be a part of this build. There were 7 “webisodes” filmed during our time building this car covering the project from start to finish that will be launching on the Speed Society pages as the car is being raffled, and YOU can enter for a chance for this C7.R project to land in your garage as well. Make sure to head over to www.speedsociety.com/ and check out all the content as well as register to win the “Vengeance C7.R”!!







Speed Society C7.R "Inspired" build consists of the following: 720 RWHP!

  • Halltech Cold Air Induction System
  • Overdriven Crankshaft Pulley
  • Late Model Engines CNC LT4 Cylinder Heads
  • Vengeance Racing Dual valvesprings w/ Ti retainers
  • Vengeance Racing billet core camshaft- NON VVT/NON DOD
  • Late Model Engines CNC Billet Timing Cover- VVT Delete
  • Vengeance Racing Hardened Pushrods
  • Bushed Trunion Upgrade
  • Katech C5R Timing Chain
  • High performance lifters- NON DOD
  • GM MLS Head Gaskets
  • ARP Head Bolts
  • Kooks stainless long tube header system with 3” X pipe
  • GM MLS Exhaust manifold gaskets
  • Vengeance Racing High Temperature protective heat sleeves
  • Alky Control Methanol Injection System
  • EFI Live AutoCal Scan/Tuning Device
  • 160* Thermostat
  • Dexcool Coolant
  • Royal Purple HPS Oil
  • AC Delco Oil Filter
  • Complete/Professional Installation
  • Custom ECU Calibration
  • Color print out of dyno results
  • VR Limited Warranty

  • Tuned on California Pump 91 Octane for street and VP MS 109 for Race.


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